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Get to Know DaySmart- Manny Perez

Finding Community In Vogue Dancing

Meet Manny, the Senior Marketing Operations Specialist at DaySmart. In his role, Manny takes charge of our marketing tech stack, fine-tunes marketing strategies, and oversees seamless integrations to maintain operational efficiency. Beyond his professional success in the marketing realm fueled by his passion for connecting with others, Manny has embarked on a distinctive journey that showcases his talent and artistry: vogue dancing.

Outside of his career at DaySmart, Manny is deeply involved in the ballroom community, where he creates his own costumes to perform and dance vogue. Continue reading to learn more!

How would you describe the ballroom community to someone who is unfamiliar with it?

The ballroom community is a vibrant, inclusive world focused on self-expression, creativity, and competition, originating from the African American and Latinx LGBTQ+ communities in NYC. It revolves around events called “balls,” where participants compete in categories like vogue and runway, often reflecting diverse aspects of gender expression, fashion, and performance art. The community emphasizes family and support, with participants belonging to “houses” that provide mentorship and a sense of belonging.

Can you share with us how you first got involved in ballroom and what it means to you?

I first discovered vogue several years ago through popular shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Legendary, as well as through social media. Growing up, dance was always a big part of my life and my Cuban culture, so I was instantly drawn to the expressive and dynamic nature of vogue. The elements of self-expression, community, and camaraderie in the ballroom scene captivated me, and I knew I had found something special.

Ballroom has since become a huge passion of mine, providing me with a creative outlet and a sense of belonging. For me, ballroom is a place where I can truly be myself and connect with others who share the same love for this incredible art form.

Tell us about a memorable experience or achievement related to your dancing that you are particularly proud of:
One of my most memorable experiences in the ballroom scene was receiving my ’10s’ in a category, which felt like a significant recognition of my performance and growth. While I haven’t won a category yet, I was recently recognized as a 007. This was a proud moment, signifying respect and acknowledgment within the community. Now I’m focused on winning the category and that trophy that comes with it!

How would you describe the culture at DaySmart?
The culture at DaySmart is inclusive, innovative, and incredibly supportive. It’s a place where everyone’s unique perspectives and ideas are valued. The marketing team I work with is a particularly fun and dynamic group, always bringing energy and enthusiasm to every project. DaySmart has created a positive environment where I feel valued and empowered to grow both personally and professionally.

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