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Get to Know DaySmart- Kehisha Johnson

Empowering Women Through Mentorship

As the Senior Marketing Coordinator DaySmart, Kehisha plays a vital role in supporting small businesses through engaging content. Alongside her professional endeavors, she passionately mentors and empowers other women to achieve greatness and ultimately, follow in her footsteps. When we asked her about her mentoring experience, here’s what she shared:

Where do you mentor and what support do you offer in these mentoring relationships? I currently mentor at the Just Us Girls program based in Atlanta, Georgia, where I assist young women between the ages of 13-18. The mentors and I prioritize instilling life skills, fostering trust, and initiating conversations on a range of different life topics aimed to broaden their perspectives and help them make meaningful progress in their lives.

What inspired you to start mentoring? I was fortunate enough to have many women- role models in my life who believed in me, took a chance on me, and greatly impacted the course of my career. Today, I strongly feel it is my responsibility and privilege to pay it forward by empowering and guiding the younger generation of women to forge their own successful paths.

What’s your advice for young women wanting to start a career in tech? Don’t be afraid to pave your own path, even if you haven’t seen many do it before you. Being a woman of color in the tech/software industry, it’s very common to feel underrepresented. I try to remind the girls I mentor to continue pursuing their dreams, even when faced with the absence of visible counterparts in the room. This resilience has the potential to inspire and motivate others to embark on similar journeys.