Welcome to the DaySmart Software Online Forms Site

If you need any of the services shown on this site, you will need to complete a quick form that is submitted to our Technical Support department before your request can be processed. Please select the proper item below, and complete all fields on the form one the next page. A technical support representative will receive and review your request, and will be contacting you within one business day to complete your request. If you have any questions, you may contact the technical support department by e-mail at support@daysmart.com.

Gift Card Disclaimer

When you have reviewed all digital and hardcopy proofs of your gift cards and are ready to approve the cards to be printed, you can fill out the Gift Card Disclaimer form and printing will begin on your cards immediately. Printing generally takes 1-2 business days to complete, and your order will be shipped UPS ground immediately after printing is completed.

Request to Return Hardware

DaySmart Software Inc. policy is not to provide a return on hardware (cash drawers, printers, bar code scanners, etc.) except if the hardware was damaged in shipping or is defective upon initially receiving the item(s). You may request to deviate from this policy, and your situation will be reviewed by DaySmart Software.

Lost Serial Number

If you have misplaced your software serial number and need to be reissued a new serial number, you may fill out the Serial Number Replacement form to verify software ownership and authorize a replacement number, and a new number will be issued to you while your previously issued number will be revoked.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten a database or employee password and are now being prompted to enter one into the software, a support technician can attempt to obtain the password for you. Fill out the Password Recovery form to verify ownership of the software and give permission to access your data.

Domain Name Transfer

Complete the Transfer of Domain ownership in order to transfer a domain that is currently registered to DaySmart Software, Inc into your own name. This will enable you to host your domain on a separate server with a different web hosting service.

Custom Online Booking URL

If you would like to have a custom domain name hosted and registered through DaySmart Software, Inc. for your online booking website, then a Custom Domain form should be completed. This will ensure that DaySmart Software reserves the appropriate domain for your business.

Transfer of Ownership

If software by DaySmart Software is sold or given to a new owner, the ownership of the software must be officially transferred by completing the Transfer of Ownership form. This will enable the new owner to be provided technical support and software updates.

Orchid Only - Request for Service

If you would like to request services that will allow Daysmart software to access your business and/or personal computer and/or customer information, you may fill out the Orchid Medical Spa Software Request form. This will allow us to verify ownership and give permission to access your data.

Account Password

If you would like to add, modify or remove a password to your Daysmart account to limit accessability to technical support, billing services, updating information, and information to any other Daysmart Service. Fill out the Authorization for Account Password form to verify ownership of the software.

Update Account

If you would like to update or add information to your Daysmart account you may fill out the Update Account Information form to verify ownership of the software.