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Invest in a Business Management Software to Maximize Business Success

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You saw the title and straight away thought “oh, boring accounting software”, right? Wrong! We’re talking about interesting, integrated and effective business management software.

The kind of software that has everything in one place. By everything we mean everything you do need and nothing that you don’t need. Something right on the money for your business.

Daysmart helps automate your company’s day-to-day admin and business functions. Sure, or software includes billing and invoicing, and the accounting you need. But there are also loads more features that will make perfect sense to you.

Things like client contact management, employee, ordering and inventory management, and time tracking. Other nice-to-haves include text reminders, online booking, credit card processing, and marketing.

We get that making a success of your business is important to you.

That’s why we tailor our packages to fit your needs. We’ve summarized a few of the solutions from our client portfolio. They will give you a feel for how you could unlock the potential of your own business.

The Business Management Software Hub

At times, as a small business owner, you can feel as if you need to split yourself into several different people. An image of the proverbial headless chicken springs to mind.

We’re human, and we often pay less attention to the tasks we find less appealing. That’s why you need a complementary hub that will help keep your head screwed on right. A hub that has you moving forward in the direction you want to go.

The hub is what connects all the diverse elements of your business:

All of these aspects, and any others that you need, have multi-platform capability. this means they are accessible from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This can be crucial, as you know, on days when you’re on the move, away from your usual place of business.

three people carefully looking at a screen in an office

Salon Solutions

Salons are a growth industry, with continued growth forecast over the next five years. Upward trends always mean The salon industry is growing an average 2.7%fierce competition. Savvy salon owners leverage technology to retain their customers and keep their staff focused on providing customers with a great service.

Our award-winning solutions for salons integrate systems that automate scheduling, send appointment reminders and confirmations, control inventory, target marketing campaigns, and simplify payroll.

We have been innovating in this beautiful space for 20 years. Salon Iris is Daysmart’s branded suite of business software solutions for salons. Visit Salon Iris to catch a glimpse of the packages we offer, no matter what size your salon is.

Modern till system in salon setting

Pet Services

It’s a well-known fact that people are spending more money than ever on their pets. In 2017, spending in the USA alone exceeded the $69 billion mark, and this figure could rise to $96 billion in sales by 2020.

Pet services include grooming, boarding facilities, daycares and trainers, and beating the competition is essential.

For any service, maximizing your efficiency is critical. Business management software can help you do this.  Having your finger on the pulse will give you the impetus you need to stay ahead of the pack. It might even lead to expansion, or franchising your brand.

We say that because our business software solutions seem to be driving growth in this area. This is a serious reason to invest in management software. It can take your business to the next level and will prove to be well worth the investment.

Laptop, tablet and two smartphones showing an online scheduling tool


Millennials have — not single-handedly — powered the soaring popularity of tattoos and body art.

Market research reveals that this industry is worth an annual $3 billion in the US, and just keeps growing.

Gone are the days of gritting your teeth and getting your tat in some dingy back room somewhere.

This market has matured and owners are considered as both artists and business people.

They need a professional approach to shop management. That’s why they choose business software to automate operations, process payroll and simplify scheduling and client communication.

Their customers like it, and keep coming back for more.  What better reason to invest in business management software yourself?

integrate with your business management platform. This way, you can ensure seamless data transfer between systems, offering you greater oversight and control over operations.confirmations, control inventory, target marketing campaigns, and simplify payroll are now table stakes in the salon business and we’ve been innovating in this space for 20 years.

Phones showing an online calendar and loyalty system


We know that your online presence and marketing positioning is important for a sizeable chunk of your business, and have a business management platform tailored to suit whatever business model you follow.

We always ensure that you have seamless data transfer between systems which, in turn, offers you pinpoint oversight and control over your operations.

If you’re new to what the best business software can do for you, remember that we have a YouTube channel. You can also follow us on InstagramLinkedIn or Facebook for our latest news on small business management software.

We know that it’s a rat race and survival of the fittest out there, but sometimes a slower, more measured approach is good before making important investment decisions.

Once you’ve decided that business management software is the way to go, you’ll see how it can revolutionize your business. It helps to increase profits, decrease inefficiency and boost customer satisfaction. And that’s something you want as a small business owner, right?

Business Management Software – Awards and Rewards

Our award-winning software is endorsed by many reputable business associations, and we made the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll in 2018 for eight years in a row.

Awards aside, our greatest reward is seeing our totally happy customers going from strength to strength. If you’d like to put us through our paces, connect with us soon!

We’re keen to show you why our business management software and your passion for your business are a winning combination.

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