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Online Scheduling Helped A Healing Trail Wellness Center Reach 21,000 Clients

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A Healing Trail Wellness Center has helped clients since 1997 through various medical massage therapy services. To better manage their growing business, they looked to online appointment booking to streamline operations for their staff and multiple locations so they could better serve their clients. We asked Françoise Knight, Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist, about their story and what they’ve accomplished since partnering with DaySmart Appointments in 2007.

What challenges were you facing, and what motivated you to solve them?

Françoise Knight: For 10 years, we scheduled appointments with pen and paper. As our business grew to two locations and 12 staff members, we knew it was time to make a switch so we could have better visibility into locations and staff availability.

Why did you choose DaySmart Appointments for your scheduling solution?

Françoise Knight: We offer multiple services, and different equipment is needed for each of them. We needed a solution to help us manage all our resources’ availability, and DaySmart Appointments did that for us.

How have A Healing Trail Wellness Center’s day-to-day operations changed since DaySmart Appointments?

Françoise Knight: It’s been a tremendous time saver for us! At first, the staff was reluctant to move from the paper schedule, but we couldn’t have grown to 21,000 clients and increased staff headcount to 20 individuals without online scheduling. The ease of adding an appointment that populates the schedule for 52 weeks for our clients who have reoccurring appointments has made it easy to book over 500 appointments per month.

We used to make reminder calls to clients and staff at the end of every day. Now, the staff members can each manage their schedules with ease, which has decreased the feeling of micromanaging and increased staff empowerment.

What have you learned from working with DaySmart Appointments?

Françoise Knight: The system is so easy to use. Even luddites can learn to use it!

What are your favorite features to use?

Françoise Knight: We love the reoccurring scheduling option available to our clients because it allows them to hold their spot, improving our client’s experience and it helps with retention. The wait-list feature has also been great for letting clients know when appointment times free up and ensures that our schedules stay fully booked. The overall flexibility of the solution helps make sure our unique business needs are met.

What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges?

Françoise Knight: An online schedule is worth every penny! It makes the staff and clients happier while saving time and stress around business operations.

About DaySmart Appointments

We’re helping businesses streamline managing and booking appointments to better serve their clients while saving time spent on administrative tasks. Request a demo and learn how we can simplify appointment booking for your business!

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