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From Side Hobby to Thriving Business: The Journey of Frederick Reitz’s Fingerprinting Service

In the aftermath of the post-9/11 security regulations, Frederick Reitz, who was working as a Security Manager for an airline, saw a demand for a pilot fingerprinting service. What began as a niche service for aviators soon evolved into a full-fledged business. Individuals began contacting Frederick via social media for fingerprinting needs in aviation and other industries such as state licenses or employment requirements.

Over the years, Frederick’s side hobby blossomed into a thriving enterprise. His company SAFEsky now spans three locations and marks its impressive 18th year of operation. With his growing business, Frederick relies on DaySmart Appointments to support his business’ top-notch customer service standards.

With DaySmart, Frederick can effortlessly manage his offices from any location in the world, while ensuring the utmost security of client data. Some standout features he praises include the platform’s ease for customers to change their own appointment times and DaySmart’s automatic reminder feature.

“Over 90% of our customers book directly online, and never call or email us,” says Fredrick. “DaySmart manages our business and ensures that we have a full day of appointments. Individuals can select the service they need, and the customized response automatically sent from DaySmart ensures they bring the necessary documents. We also remind all the customers of their appointment time and the physical address and parking requirements.”

For Frederick, the most rewarding aspect of his job is the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. As he reflects on his journey, Frederick emphasizes the core principles that have guided his success: Keep it simple. Stay organized. Safeguard client data. Above all, be friendly and do the best job you can every time, for every customer.

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