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The Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software and Apps for 2024

Best online appointment scheduling apps

In the age of the internet, scheduling with pen and paper and waiting on the phone often takes WAY too long.

Thankfully, online appointment scheduling software makes booking appointments easy for you, your team, and your customers. By transferring your booking process online, appointment scheduling software connects your whole team with your customers anytime and anywhere.

With so many options, how can you possibly know which one is best for your business? Don’t stress! We’ve made it easy for you by putting all the information in one place.

This guide will explore the best appointment scheduling software available, unpack the pros and cons of these solutions, and help you make the right decision for your business.

What Is Online Appointment Scheduling Software?

Let’s start at the beginning. Online appointment scheduling software uses a web-based system to automate your booking processes, working to streamline scheduling significantly. It enables your customers to book appointments online and get added to your calendar automatically. Easy peasy.

Online schedulers help businesses eliminate unnecessary emails and phone calls and prevent double-booking, all while keeping your team’s calendars organized. And most online appointment scheduling software options include a booking website and/or mobile app options, so customers can schedule on their own time from wherever they are. 

The Benefits of Using an Online Appointment Scheduling System 

Scheduling software helps businesses run smoothly, keeping you, your employees, and, most importantly, your customers happy.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of an online appointment scheduling solution:

Who is Online Appointment Scheduling Software Best For? 

Online appointment scheduling software makes the thankless job of appointment management easy. 

It lets you and your customers communicate faster and stay updated on your bookings. Less waiting makes everybody happy!

Appointment scheduling software is designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries connect with their customers more easily before, during, and after their appointments. 

From small businesses to enterprise-level companies, all types of organizations can benefit from appointment scheduling software. Some industries that use appointment software most include:

What Makes a Great Appointment Scheduling Solution? 

No matter your field, the best appointment scheduling software makes the lives of you, your team, and your customers easier. It should be intuitive for you and your clients to use and align with the tools you already use every day.

Even if they are designed for unique users, a lot of the best scheduling software applications share similar features. 

Here are a few tools the best online scheduling software provides: 

Online Calendar Sync Tools

Chances are you already use some kind of online calendar like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Outlook. A lot of online appointment schedulers will integrate with these calendars, updating your availability across multiple platforms to avoid double booking.

Automated Reminders

You and your team are too talented to spend all day sending emails and making phone calls about appointments. Automated text and email reminders remove that from everyone’s to-do list. And when a customer’s appointment is coming up, they get automatically notified to make sure they don’t forget. 

Customizable Booking Forms 

Your business has unique booking needs, so it helps to be able to customize booking forms to your exact needs. With your own forms, you can let customers specify what kind of appointment they want to schedule, how long they’d like to meet, and any other information that would be helpful to know beforehand. 

Online Payments and Credit Card Processing Systems 

Listen, we know that worrying about payment during an appointment can be awkward. Luckily, online appointment scheduling software alleviates those concerns. No more keeping track of loose cash! The top appointment scheduling software solutions let your customers securely pay online in advance or use a credit card at the appointment. 

Client Management and Reporting Capabilities

Knowing your customers lets you provide them with the best service that actually meets their needs. And knowing your customers means collecting reliable data. Online schedulers’ client management tools let you record your clients’ information, including their purchasing trends and no-show rates, so that you can enhance your customer experience, marketing, and sales efforts. 

Best online appointment scheduling apps

How to Choose the Right Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Your Business 

How can you possibly determine which online appointment scheduling system is the best?

Well, the truth is … there is no singular “best” software, just the best one for you.

But how do you know exactly what you need? Here’s a quick five-step guide to help you find the right solution.

1. Identify Your Business Goals and Needs

You have a vision for your business, and your appointment software should support achieving that vision.

Consider how many team members you have, how many appointments you usually accept, and who you are serving with your appointments. Is there a gap you need to fill in your current booking process? Do you anticipate scaling up your business anytime soon?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to identify what features you need in appointment software. 

2. Consider Your Budget 

We get it — sometimes investing in appointment software simply comes down to the price tag. Luckily, there are scheduling software solutions out there for every budget — from free to six-figures. 

Analyze your current budget to see how much you can allocate to an online scheduler each month. Then, compare the software’s prices to their features to find the best value while making sure they actually fit your needs.

3. Look at User Reviews and Ratings 

You’re not alone out there! Lots of companies have determined what scheduling software works best for them—often through a bit of trial and error. 

Read reviews and user feedback to get a sense of how people feel about specific software and whether it will align with your company.

4. Consider Integrations with Other Systems

Unless you’re making a concerted effort to resist modern technology, you’re probably already using some digital tools like CRMs or marketing platforms. If they still work great for you, you don’t want scheduling software that will make you have to start from scratch. 

Look for software that integrates with the tools you already use. You’ll be able to build on what already works while filling in the gaps for seamless scheduling.

5. Technical Support Options 

Sometimes trouble strikes out of the blue, but your business can’t drop everything to troubleshoot your appointment scheduler. Plus, the longer it’s down, the longer you can’t accept online bookings. 

Having tech support helps you quickly address problems with expert assistance to resume operations ASAP.

The Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software on the Market 

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to evaluate the best software vendors on the market today. 

We’ve carefully evaluated common needs among appointment-based businesses, and picked solutions that, across the board, best address those needs. Some of the best online appointment scheduling software options below are more general, others are industry-specific, but they’ll all help make booking simpler for their customers. Let’s dive in.

DaySmart: The Best All-in-One Online Appointment Scheduling Software 

If you want all your appointment management tools on one platform, you can’t go wrong with DaySmart’s intuitive appointment scheduling solutions.

And the best part? DaySmart has scalable options for businesses of any size that help take charge of their schedule. So whether you’re a small business, an enterprise company, or looking to scale up soon, DaySmart has a solution for you. 

All of DaySmart Appointments’ features are designed to provide clients with a simple booking experience. You can let clients book at any time with online self-scheduling, prevent no-shows with automatic appointment reminders, and even send out marketing promotions. DaySmart also organizes your customers’ metrics and purchasing trends so you can go above and beyond for your clients with personalized service.

Pricing starts at $99/month, with plenty of options to scale as your business grows.


If you’re looking to keep costs down as much as possible, Calendly is a great free option for an online scheduler.

Calendly primarily serves folks in sales, marketing, recruiting, IT, revenue operations, C-suite, or any other professional service team, where meetings and appointments can add up fast.

At no cost, you can use Calendly to set availability preferences, poll teams for availability, and sync your Calendly schedule with existing calendars. Calendly also offers integration with platforms like Zoom, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Slack, and more.

While Calendly’s free version is enough for most people, it does offer paid plans starting at $12/month if you want to explore more. 


Do your appointments constantly have you traveling? If so, then you might look into an online appointment scheduling app like Goldie. 

As a scheduling app, Goldie’s features are designed for easy mobile use, especially for independent beauty and fitness professionals on the go. You can schedule appointments, send automated reminders and promotions, process payments, and view client information, all from your phone.

And if you already use Google or Apple Calendar, good news! Goldie syncs with both, so you can manage availability without rebuilding your schedule from scratch.

Among other online appointment scheduling software options, Goldie stands out with a fairly comprehensive free version. But if you want to get more out of it, pricing plans start at $19.99/month.


If you need a scheduling tool for a large team in multiple locations, TimeTap might be a good fit for your organization.

TimeTap specializes in serving mid-market and enterprise companies in all sorts of industries with custom intake forms, appointment confirmations, and automated text and email reminders to provide a more personalized experience to your clients.

You can automatically create client profiles and easily manage and organize their information for easy accessibility. Plus, you can make paying simple with integrated payment collection and invoicing.

TimeTap has custom pricing for larger enterprises, but prices for smaller teams start at $28.45/month.

Acuity Scheduling

If you run a small business, you’re probably looking for customizable scheduling software that won’t strain your budget too hard. Acuity might be a good fit. 

On top of online self-scheduling, with Acuity, you can customize availability, add multiple calendars, and schedule recurring appointments. Acuity lets you send automated reminders and follow-up emails. Plus, its payment tools allow you to offer discounts and subscriptions, send invoices and receipts, and integrate with Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

Acuity’s pricing plans start at $20/month. 


If you’re a medical or healthcare professional, counselor, therapist, or social worker in need of an online appointment scheduling system, SimplePractice is a great tool.

For scheduling, SimplePractice offers online appointment requests, automated reminders, calendar sync, paperless billing, client record organization, and a 24/7 client portal. It also has plenty of healthcare-specific features that are all HIPPA-compliant, like telehealth, customizable document templates, and insurance claim filing.

For a solo practice, pricing starts at $29/month.

Best online appointment scheduling apps

A Summary of the Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software for 2024

Primary UsersPricingKey FeaturesProsCons
DaySmart AppointmentsEnterprise companies, small and medium- sized business,  Starts at $99/monthOnline self-scheduling, automated appointment text and email reminders, social media integration, marketing promotions, customer metrics, purchasing trendsAll-in-one solution for nearly any industry; easy to scale with your businessSet up is time consuming
CalendyTeams in sales, marketing, recruiting, IT, revenue operations, C-SuiteFree version; Paid plans start at $10/monthAvailability preferences, team scheduling, calendar sync, routing forms, polls for best meeting timesEasy to learn and use for customers and internal teamsNo option for recurring meetings; no custom emails with free version
GoldieBeauty, lifestyle, and fitness professionalsFree version; Paid plans start at $19.99Schedule appointments, send automatic appointment reminders, booking website builder, mobile deposits and payment processing, business reports, marketing promotions, client data management, sync with Google and Apple calendarsAffordable options for individuals and small teams; Easily scalable for larger teamsInflexible appointment overlap
TimeTapMid-market and enterprise organizationsCustom pricing for enterprise plansOnline appointment scheduling, custom intake forms, appointment confirmations, and automated text and email reminders, client profiles management, integrated payment collection, invoicesCommunicate directly with clients; prepares the whole team for incoming workload Difficult to change or update appointment or client info
Acuity SchedulingProfessional services and appointment-based businesses, Starts at $20/moOnline self-scheduling, customizable availability, multiple calendars, set maximum appointment amount, recurring appointments, automated reminders and follow-up emails, client intake forms and profilesAffordable and easy to integrate if you already use Squarespace; Highly customizableNo phone support; users report issues with calendar syncing
SimplePracticeMedical and health professionals, counselors, therapists, social workersStarts at $29/moOnline appointment requests, unlimited reminders via text, voice, and email, calendar sync with Google, iCalendar, and Outlook, customizable document, templates, paperless billing, insurance claim filing, organized client records, 24/7 client portalGood for keeping client records updated for multiple team members; HIPPA-compliantCustomization can be difficult for larger practices; no e-prescription tools

The Best Online Scheduling Appointment Software for YOU

Making the move to online scheduling is a big jump, but trust that it makes a huge difference to your operations. But picking the wrong software can make this process more painful than it needs to be.

So think about your business, analyze your needs, and you’ll know what to look for in scheduling software.
And if DaySmart sounds like the best option for you, request a free demo today. Or, explore our industry-specific software offerings to find a solution tailored to your niche.