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Find Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays

The holiday season is almost here! While pet owners are protecting their pups from eating all the holiday feasts, we want to make sure you and your staff are protected mentally. 🐱🐶

We partnered with Not One More Vet (NOMV) speaker Dr. Tiana Kelly, a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in veterinarian suicide prevention, for this month’s webinar. Join us on Tuesday, November 14th at 4 PM ET to hear Dr. Tiana Kelly walk through tips to help you:

🧠 Protect your staff’s mental health through the busy season
🎭 Prepare your business and staff for the best and worst outcomes
😸 Find moments of joy inside the holiday rush
🐩 And more!

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Meet Our Speaker

Dr. Tiana Kelly

Tiana possesses a Doctorate Degree in Prevention Science from Wilmington University. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and candidate for a Certificate of Education in Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy. She focused her doctoral studies and dissertation research on veterinarian suicide prevention, with a specific emphasis on exploring the impact of DVM/VMD programming on students’ exposure to suicide prevention initiatives. Tiana’s professional values focus on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for risk prevention and mental health promotion. In addition to her formal education, she has participated in extensive professional trainings related to trauma, sexual and domestic violence, treatment modalities, as well as culture-centered disaster mental health counseling. Tiana volunteers for a local service dog organization and is the founder of a Campus Puppy Raising Program – Paws on Deck. She continues to dedicate her time to this program by serving as a volunteer advisor, puppy raising coordinator, and student success mentor.