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Learning More About The Yorkie Haircut

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Learning more about the Yorkie Haircut

Untamed Yorkie hair can get out of hand fairly quickly.

In the hot months, the length can cause dogs to overheat. In the cold months, the added length may help with warmth, but it certainly doesn’t help with knots.

Giving a Yorkie a cut (and owning a pet grooming business) is a special task. The length of this breed’s coat makes the possibilities for haircuts endless.

Read on to learn how to more about Yorkie haircuts.

Understanding Yorkie Hair

Before you can understand the Yorkie haircut, you have to understand Yorkie hair.

It’s important to understand that Yorkies have hair and not fur. Unlike other breeds with hair (who usually have double coats), Yorkshire terriers have a single coat. They don’t shed the way other dogs do and shouldn’t have their hair cut the same way either.

Their hair is different as a puppy, usually thicker and darker. As they grow into their adult coat, it can take on a silky texture, or a wiry coat.

Yorkie haircut styles take on five lengths:

  1. Shaved
  2. Puppy Cut
  3. Medium
  4. Long
  5. Very long


This is, most appropriately, the shortest length for Yorkie hair. It’s kept short on the body, but remains long and shaped near the head and face. This look can (and should) be customized to each Yorkie. Depending on their body and the way their hair lays.

yorkie haircut shaved

Short (Puppy Cut)

The puppy cut is the most popular Yorkie haircut, according to a poll conducted by the Yorkie Info Center. This cut makes the coat low maintenance for owners—only needs to be brushed 2-3 times a week. Recommend a leave-in agent to keep dirt at bay.

yorkie haircut short

*Yorkie Puppy cut provided by Gabrielle Matt at The Downriver Grooming Company


Runner-up to the Puppy Cut, this length requires a little more maintenance, but not as much trimming.

Playing with these styles also allows owners or stylists more freedom to give the Yorkie a bun or ponytail. It keeps long hair out of their eyes. Again, it can be customized. Hair can be trimmed from the forehead entirely.

yorkie haircut medium
yorkie haircut medium

Long & Very Long (Show Dog Cut)

These two can be lumped together for the sheer fact that they both require the most amount of maintenance. Both are beautiful options and allow Yorkies to show off their natural locks.

Owners should be warned that daily combing (to remove tangles) and then brushing is required. It saves the groomer from having to remove mats, and the Yorkie from having to endure the process.

These styles are usually reserved for show dogs.

Again, any of these looks are customizable to what best suits the Yorkie, and what makes them feel happiest. Think about temperament when choosing a length! An active Yorkie may not love having floor-length locks.

yorkie haircut long
yorkie haircut long

Tools Needed

If the Yorkie has a skin condition, consider spraying them with a conditioning spray before brushing. It creates a barrier and produces less irritation.

Combing first and then brushing is crucial for this breed’s hair.

After removing the knots, it’s bath time. Working with a dog shampoo, massage it into the Yorkie’s hair—ensuring that you don’t miss any spots. Use caution around the head, and avoid the face and eyes.

A sensitive shampoo is best for this step. Yorkie’s have sensitive skin and can abrasive shampoos can cause inflammation or irritation.

Once the Yorkie is dry, it’s time to tend to other parts of their body.

Wipe the eyes, face, and ears with a specified wipe. They’re gentle on these sensitive areas, while still making sure they remain clean and fresh. Brush their teeth and trim their nails if it’s needed.

Choosing a Yorkie Haircut

Working with the owner to decide a length for the Yorkie’s haircut is beneficial. There are many styles to choose from, and this step can be a lot of fun. It also helps develop a relationship between the owner, the groomer, and the dog.

Now that we’ve discussed lengths, let’s talk style.

If longer locks are the goal, the two best options are a show groom or an outline groom.

The Show Groom flows past the Yorkie’s feet and drags slightly on the ground. This cut is for shows and meets the American Kennel Club’s standards. To avoid eye irritation, the AKC recommends cutting the hair or short or pulling it into a topknot.

The Outline and Show Grooms are similar, but the hair is cut slightly shorter so it hovers just above the floor, creating an outline. This and the Show Groom only works on dogs with silky type hair. Both require daily maintenance, though the Outline Groom is easier to maintain.

The Teddy Bear or Puppy Cut is, again, a highly requested cut. It mimics the same style the Yorkie had as a puppy.

All the hair on the body gets cut to about three-quarters of an inch. The ears, mustache, and feet are this length as well. The chest area is a bit longer, creating a “bib” of fur.

The Kennel Cut is another popular option. The Yorkie’s hair gets shaved down, while the head, tail, and legs maintain a little length. The mustache and ears are then trimmed to about half an inch.

The Schnauzer Trim borrows the style of a Schnauzer. The upper body gets cut to half an inch while the bottom one-third, including the legs and chest, are longer to create a “skirt” and “bib.” The mustache and ears are also kept longer.

yorkie haircut

Regular Grooming is Crucial

Owners should be encouraged to keep up with regular grooming at home between visits, which are important to maintain a Yorkie haircut. For not only their beauty but for their health.

Avoiding regular maintenance could lead to health implications. Good hygiene helps protect the joints, prevents fleas and ticks, and accommodates their overall wellbeing.

Knowing a variety of Yorkie haircuts keeps you knowledgable on grooming, and keeps customers coming back for more.

If you want to learn more about dog grooming and creating a business from it, check out our blog.

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