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The 10 Funniest Dog Kennel and Dog Grooming Names

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If deciding to open your own dog grooming or dog kennel business, you’ll want a name that is creative, funny and welcoming. Dog grooming names and dog kennel names are the first things a potential customer sees. So be sure it’s a good fit for your company, services, and values!

When a customer brings their pet to the groomer, their furry pal isn’t only there to receive a wash and hair cut. Groomers play a much more important role than keeping a pet trimmed and fluffed. Groomers also clip nails, clean ears, and look for issues such as skin problems, teeth problems, and more.

When a customer brings their pet to a kennel, they aren’t only looking for a place for their dog or cat to sleep. They’re also looking for a place that will genuinely care just as much about their animals as they do themselves. This means finding a place that is comforting and loving.

Need some inspiration for awesome dog grooming names and dog kennel names? Continue reading for our list of 10 of the funniest names that are sure to give you the inspiration you need!

10 Funniest Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names:

1. Cosmopawlitan

Whether you’re looking to open a place that offers the inclusion of every breed and species, or whether you’re looking build a brand based on high-class beauty grooming, Cosmopawlitan is a great name. It’s funny, catchy, and anyone who loves reading the Cosmopolitan magazine will definitely get a kick out of this one. Be sure to have a light and bright atmosphere with all the best dog grooming tips, news, and advice around the building!

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names

2. Noah’s Arf

If you’re familiar with Noah’s ark and love the story behind it, then why not choose Noah’s Arf for your dog kennel or dog grooming name? It’s a story already based around animals and by switching “ark” to “arf” it gives you a nice spin on the tale, or should we say “tail”?

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names

3. Bark’s 5th Avenue

Looking for a sophisticated target customer? Or, maybe you’re opening your business in a sophisticated area. Either way, Bark’s 5th Avenue is unmatchable when wanting to bring in high-class clientele.

With a name like this, you might want to offer a glass of “whine” at the door for customers waiting for their dog to be finished grooming.

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names

4. Barkingham Palace

Another name idea for a place of luxury is Barkingham Palace. This name is clever and lets customers know that their loved ones are being groomed with the best and most luxurious groomers. Consider designing the building or inside of the building to look just like a palace with royal puppy beds and oversized waiting chairs.

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names

5. Vanity Fur

Humans aren’t the only ones who like to dabble in vanity here and there. Our pet pals love to be just as clean and polished as we do. And that’s why Vanity Fur is a great name for a dog grooming business. Keep a couple of mirrors around at every station so every dog can bask in their vanity glory after being groomed.

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names

6. Barker & Meowski: A Paw Firm

Are you a full-time lawyer and opening a grooming business or dog kennel is a side gig? Do you just love the name Barker & Meowski: A Paw Firm? If so, then choosing a name like this is perfect for your business!

You can decorate the inside of your business to resemble a law firm. And make sure that every doggy friend knows their pet rights!

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names

7. The Dogfather

Now we’re talking business! For a more serious, but still quite funny name, consider The Dogfather. You might need a mascot to act as the Dogfather to tie this name together, or as the business owner, be the Dogfather yourself or Dogmother!

If you have a special canine friend of your own, why not make him or her the Dogfather of your dog grooming or kennel business?

The DogFather

8. Wizard of Paws

The movie, The Wizard of Oz, is a classic loved by many around the country. Because of this, a spin on the movie title is an awesome choice of name for your dog grooming business. Potential customers will be familiar with the name and will want to learn more.

We think it’d fit better for a dog grooming company as you and your employees can refer to yourselves as the wizards of paws. Only the best of the best can be called wizards!

Wizard of Paws

9. The Barking Lot

Rather than parking a car, customers need to park their dog in your lot. This is why The Barking Lot is the perfect name for a dog kennel. While the customer might need to park their car at the airport’s parking lot for an extended period of time, they’ll also need to park their dogs in your business in The Barking Lot.

With all the doggy customers that your company will have, there’s sure to be a good amount of barking going on!

The Barking Lot

10. Fine Whines and Lickers

After a long day of squirrel chasing, bone licking, and mailmen barking, your customer’s pooch is ready to wind down at Fine Whine and Lickers. What better name to give across the idea of relaxation? No, you won’t need to offer your furry clients any type of alcoholic beverages, but you can offer them healthy treats and cold bowls of water!

Fine Whines & Lickers

Dog Kennel Names & Dog Grooming Names That Your Customers Will Love

These funny dog kennel and dog grooming names are sure to bring in the business! So when planning on opening your own dog-friendly company, be sure to keep these silly names in mind. Keep your creativity strong and your values insight when deciding which name best fits your individual business.

Now that you’ve found some great inspiration for your business’s name, don’t forget to look into a pet software that will fill all your pet business needs. From payroll to marketing, to text reminders and online booking, Daysmart Pet Software is the best choice for your doggy business. If you have a kennel or training business, see what pet software is best for you!

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