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Ignite Community Participation Through Diversity and Inclusion

Join us on Wednesday, October 18th to learn how you can increase community participation and enrollment through diversity and inclusion.

Discover the remarkable journey of Tracy Stephens, Founder of BLK Hiking and a dedicated community organizer, as he shares his insights on leveraging the power of social media to propel his organization into becoming one of the largest community hiking groups in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Tracy Stephens

Tracy Stephens is the founder of BLK Hiking Club. He created the organization to give men and women of color a safe space to interact with nature and hiking spaces across Atlanta. Over the years, Tracy accumulated a wealth of knowledge about nurturing the growth of a thriving organization, kindling community engagement, and effectively promoting one’s cause.

Now, he is eager to share these invaluable insights to assist recreation facilities and spaces in their own journey toward expansion and success.