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Support Forms

Looking for assistance? Simply complete these online
forms to allow us to update, recover, or process
information for your DaySmart Pet account.

Transferring Data

This form is to request and approve the transfer of data from a listed account owner’s database to another account’s database.

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Update Account Information

If you would like to add or update information to your DaySmart Pet account, you can complete this form to verify ownership of the software.

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Hardware Requirements

Can my computer run the software?

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Data Retrieval Request

Complete this form to request temporary access to data that either remain on DaySmart Software Inc.’s servers or to request a temporary license to open your installed software.

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Domain Name Transfer

Complete this form in order to transfer a domain that is currently registered to DaySmart Pet Software, Inc into your own name. This will enable you to host your domain on a separate server with a different web hosting service.

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Rebate Request

Complete this form to request a rebate for the purchase of a VP3300 mobile card reading device. To be eligible, you must have processed a minimum of $1,000 in credit card transactions through CardConnect.

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Support Account Password

If you would like to add, modify, or remove a password to your DaySmart Pet account for technical support, billing services, updating contact information, and information pertaining to any other DaySmart Pet services.

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Transfer of Ownership

If software by DaySmart Pet Software is sold or given to a new owner, the ownership of the software must be officially transferred by completing this form. This will enable the new owner to be provided technical support and software updates.

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