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Unique Dog Names – Creative Names For Your New Pup!

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unique dog names

Unique Dog Names

The situation in the dog park is getting untenable. We can’t all be out there yelling the same thing. If nothing else, it leads to some very confused dogs. There are lists upon lists of the most popular dog names out there but what about choosing unique dog names?

You don’t always want to walk the beaten path. If your dog is a little more unique, you might want to do them justice with a unique name. Don’t worry. Here’s our list of top unique dog names!

Unique Dog Names:


“This is my pet, Peeves”. Simple, effective, but always good for a laugh. It’s also cute; the kind of name you could give to a little yapper or, with a sense of irony, to a big lug.

And if anyone questions you too closely, you can always claim you named them for the poltergeist from Harry Potter.


While we’re on the subject of things vaguely linked with Harry Potter, let’s dip into mythology for the name “Gelert”. Gelert is a legendary dog associated with Beddgelert in Wales. It’s a sad but beautiful story of a loyal hound that protected its master at the expense of its own life.

Bring Gelert back to life with this name, and you’ll have an interesting story to tell people, too.

As for the Harry Potter link, the sinister Grindelwald’s first name is the similar “Gellert”. Now let’s hope he turns out to be an Animagus.


Let’s stick with the legends and folklore theme for a moment. Garm is a Norse wolf straight out of legend, a guardian of the underworld. Like Gelert, it’s one of the lesser known wolf legends, which makes it a little unique.

We love this one. It’s more functional as a name than the more famous Fenrir, but it has some old-school cool factor behind it. It also sounds like a noise your dog might make.


Naming your dog is a chance to indulge in some silly fun. Unlike an unlucky child, your dog will never learn that it has a ridiculous name by human standards. But you’ll still get the joy of using it in public.

That’s what makes “Furdinand” a good candidate. This one is just subtle enough to slip under most people’s radar, but you’ll still give your vet a good chuckle.


We love a dog name that causes a little confusion. Calling your dog “Cat” is a fast pass to that. This one’s worth it just for the looks you’ll get when you yell it in the park.

There’s also a delicious irony in it. Your dog will never know that it shares its name with its most better rival in the pet world. Just don’t ask us what you should do if you get a cat later.


Trust the internet to make dogs even cuter. Floof is an internet term for fur or something furry, though it has expanded to a more general word for “dog” and even beyond — such as “murder floof” to describe a wolf or bear.

Along with being a pleasant word to say, there’s just something adorable about the word. You won’t stay angry at a dog named “Floof”, that’s for sure.


You can’t hate a good pun. This one’s cute, harmless, and even works pretty well as a name. You can fill a dog with joy just by existing, so why not turn the tables and give your dog a name that’ll always make you laugh?

Besides, it’s also a great excuse to get a cat and name it Meowtzart, as well.


Yelling commands at grandma will never get old. And nor will complaining about her loudly when she breaks wind. Your dog will never know, but it’s an endless source of potential laughs for you as an owner.

Of course, this one’s less practical if said senior is around on a regular basis and could cause some offense. Use tactfully.


Dogs, via their wolfy ancestors, have a pretty close link to the moon. Going back to those roots can give you a name like “Luna”. We think this is a beautiful nod to a dog’s primal past. And it’s one of the prettiest female dog names, to boot.


Dipping into foreign languages can be a great way of ensuring you won’t cross wires with any local dog owners.

Kiba is one of our favorites. A Japanese word, it means “fang” — pretty appropriate for a dog. As a name, it sounds unisex while also being short and easy to remember (and spell).


There’s something hilarious about dogs with people names instead of pet names. Your ball of dorkiness suddenly becomes someone who attends a meeting or remembers your birthday. And you can generate a lot of confusion by telling people you’re spending the day with Jeff.


Why choose between a person’s name and a funny one when you can just do both? Dogs love to dig, and when a dog has dug, he’s Doug.

We like to measure the quality of a dog name but how easy it is to say in a silly voice. By that metric, Doug is a winner.


So you don’t want to go as far as naming your dog “Dog”, but you’re willing to acknowledge that there’s something weird about giving animals a name. “Dawg” is a pretty good compromise.

It’s tongue-in-cheek and fun to say. And you get the pleasure of correcting people: “No, no, it’s not ‘Dog’, it’s ‘Daaawwg’”.


Let the dogs out? No, not in this house. In this house, we RELEASE THE KRAKEN. It’s an unexpected dog name, but fun as heck to say as you open the front door.

Bonus points if you happen to be fans of Pirates of the Caribbean or the nautical world in general. We recommend this to the seafarers among you.

The Joy of Unique Dog Names

Of course, the real joy of unique dog names lies in choosing the one you’d never encounter anywhere else. We’ve given you some ideas, but see what you can come up with to give your dog something unique to call their own.

Once you’ve adopted and named your dog, you’ll want to keep them safe. Check out this list of toxins to avoid.

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