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TV for Dogs: 7 Reasons Television Might Be Beneficial for Your Dog

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TV for Dogs: 7 Reasons Television Might Be Beneficial for Your Dog

Any dog owner has probably noticed when a television show has caught their dog’s eye.

It can be entertaining and adorable, but it also begs the question as to what they are experiencing when they look at television.

Have you been wondering about TV for dogs and whether it’s a good idea to let your dog watch TV?

Let’s take a look at seven reasons that but in your dog watch TV might be beneficial for them.

1. It Keeps Them Company

Many people who have dogs also have to work full-time job this means that on many days their dog is left home alone.

For many dog owners, it is heartbreaking to think of their dog lonely at home. This is one of the some people leave the TV on for their dog.

Many people use programs that are specifically designed for dogs that include videos of other dogs. One study did find that dogs are able to identify photos of other dogs mixed in with pictures of other animals and humans.

If you’re worried about your dog being home alone and lonely, putting dog TV on for them can help to keep them company.

tv for dogs

2. It’s Stimulating

Both humans and canines need both physical and mental stimulation in order to be happy. If you find that your dog is overly energetic when you walk in the door and jumps all over you, you might want to see if leaving the TV on for your dog helps to burn off some of that energy. You might find that certain programs are so mentally stimulating that help to reduce the excess energy your dog has when you get home.

tv for dogs

3. It Can Help Them Overcome Agitations

If your dog is afraid of certain objects or occurrences, having the television on can help them to deal with this. It can help to make your dog acquainted with different stimuli which makes them less likely react in an anxious or startled way. If your dog has separation anxiety, you might find that pet TV shows help to give them something to focus on so they are less anxious.

4. It Can Help Them Deal With Noises

It’s normal for dogs to react to loud noises. Whether it is a doorbell, a vacuum cleaner, or a car horn, many dogs will bark in reaction.

Having the TV on with the sound on can help your dog be less reactive to noises. It can make that noises stand out less to them and also acclimate them to their being sounds in their environment.

5. It Can Help Keep Them Calm

If you are worried that your dog is home with anxiety all day, keeping the TV on can help to keep them calm. You might find that your dog seems much less stressed out when you get home at the end of the day when the TV has been on.

tv for dogs

6. TV For Dogs Is Specially Designed For Dogs

While you can just turn the TV on to any old channel, your dog will likely prefer some programs are channeled to others. There is some channels and programs that are made specifically for dogs in terms of what they like to watch and the biology of their eyesight.

Dogs like to watch videos of other dogs as well as landscapes. Essentially, it is engaging in common to be visually immersed in a world where they are running around outside with other dogs.

7. You Can Use Dog TV For Training

Can dogs learn from watching TV? Some people will have their dogs watch programs where dogs are obeying commands given to them. Whether or not this will help to train your dog is uncertain, but it’s possible that watching other dogs reacts to certain commands could help them learn to do the same.

tv for dogs

Can Dogs See TV and Phone Screens?

The eyes of humans and the eyes of dogs are not exactly the same. Your dog is able to register images faster than you are. What this means is that television sets that are older, that show fewer frames per second, can end up looking “flickery” to a dog. Newark, however, have more frames per second and are easier for dogs to see.

On top of that, dogs the colors in different ways than humans. Some pet TV shows are specifically designed to accommodate the dichromatic vision of dogs.

Why Do Some Dogs Watch TV and Others Don’t?

If you have more than one dog, you might notice that some dogs are more interested in watching TV than others. Are you wondering “why doesn’t my dog watch TV?”

Basically, some dogs simply might find it more engaging than others. TV does not offer any scent, which is an important sense to dogs. Television is also not interactive, and some dogs might get bored or never that interested in the first place.

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