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9 Surprising Health Benefits To Owning a Dog

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When you own a dog, it’s not just a pet to you, it’s another member of the family. Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, but did you ever stop to think about the health benefits they can bring as well?

It’s not likely something you consider when you think about your furry friend. But the surprising health benefits of having a dog can have more impact than you realize.

So, what are these health benefits? And is it something that extends to the entire family?

Let’s look at 9 health benefits owning a dog can have and how they affect everyone in your household.

1. Owning A Dog Can Help You Lose Weight

We all know the importance of losing access weight. And the health benefits of doing so can be tremendous.

When you have a furry friend, your opportunities of getting up and moving around are greatly increased. Taking them for a walk or playing in the yard with them might not feel like exercise, but it is.

Even a 30-minute walk a day can have a positive effect on your weight loss goals.

So, whether they know it or not, your dog is your best work-out buddy.

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2. Supports Cardiovascular Health

When you have increased physical activity from owning a dog, it’s also going to have a positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

Studies have shown that dog owners will have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who do not own a dog.

Harvard Medical School has even said that dog owners have lower blood pressure. Along with that, they have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

All of that means that, with improved cardiovascular health, you can expect to have a longer, better quality of life.

3. Reduces Stress

Daily life is full of stress. And when stress gets to be too much, it can start to have a negative effect on our health, both mentally and physically.

But research has proven that petting a dog can lower the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol. Not only in you, but in your dog as well.

In addition to that, your levels of oxytocin and serotonin will increase. Sometimes to double their previous levels. And this brings on the feeling of happiness, relaxation, and feelings of love.

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4. Decreases Loneliness

It’s hard to feel lonely when you have a happy, loving dog excited to see you when you get home every day. And that’s exactly why dog owners enjoy improved mental health.

Dog owners tend to have higher self-esteem. And they accept rejection or isolation better than those who don’t own a dog. This helps to ward off feelings of loneliness and depression.

And psychologists agree that the companionship of a dog can help the well-being of anyone – from a senior citizen to an introvert or someone suffering from mental illness.

5. Increases Energy Levels

Owning a dog can perk up a monotonous and boring life. This keeps you on your toes and increases your daily physical activity. And by doing that, your energy levels will increase.

In fact, a study shows that dog owners have a 69% increased physical activity compared to those who don’t own a dog. This also increases the speed at which dog owners walk.

And the benefits spread to everyone in the family. Even children are more likely to go play outside with a dog, increasing both their physical activity and energy levels. Which fights childhood obesity.

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6. Improves Immune System

Speaking of the positive effects on children, owning a dog can improve their immune system early on in life.

Studies have shown that when children are exposed to dogs within their first year of life, they are less likely to develop asthma. And school-aged children will have a better immunity to germs and bacteria than those who don’t grow up around dogs.

This is all due to their immune systems having contact with these animals early on in life. They develop a better resistance to viruses, germs, and bacteria.

7. Aids in Depression Treatment

Pet therapy has proven to be a powerful aid in the fight against depression and other mental illnesses.

Studies show that patients who undergo chemotherapy or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders are able to overcome depression with the aid of pet therapy. It also helps students who may suffer from homesickness or depression.

It’s also likely you may never develop depression if you have a dog and spend time with it daily.

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8. Relieves Joint Pain

Having an energetic and healthy dog is going to get you up and moving. Whether you’re playing with your furry friend, taking them for a walk, or up taking care of them, you are moving on a daily basis.

And that is so important in keeping your joints healthy. Walking and moving around has a positive effect on your joints. And when your joints get regular exercise, you will have less pain and disorders.

In fact, dog owners are 33% less likely to have joint disorders versus non-dog owners.

9. Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking causes many health issues in humans, but did you know it has just as many negative effects in your dog?

Not only does your smoking affect their lung health through second-hand smoking, but the smoke itself can cause skin problems to your dog.

And when the bond between owner and pet is strong, you know you will do whatever you can to keep them safe. That’s why owning a dog gives people more motivation to quit smoking once and for all.

The Benefits of Having a Dog Are Plenty

As if we needed more convincing that dogs are great. But when the benefits of having a dog continue to run long, it just makes them that more precious to us and our families.

And now that you know the health benefits of having a dog, are you ready to find out the benefits of having the right software for your grooming business? Click here to contact us for more info and learn how we can help!

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