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The Risks of DIY Dog Grooming: 5 Reasons to visit a Pro

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A recent pet owners survey revealed that as of 2017, there were about 89.7 million dogs owned in the US, an increase of more than 20 million since 2000. This massive number of dogs has led to an increase in the demand for quality pet care, with some people opting for DIY dog grooming.

But does choosing to groom your furry friend yourself come with any risks? Or should you opt to take your cute, lovable pet to a professional?

In this article, we’ll tell you why it’s always a good idea to take your dog to a certified pet groomer. But first, what are the dangers associated with DIY dog care?

DIY Dog Grooming Risks:

Risk 1: Shaving Your Dog at the Wrong Time

Sure, it does sound like a great idea to give your dog a haircut in the summer. After all, what’s better than getting rid of that excess hair when the heat hits the 80s?

Well, shaving your dog when the weather gets hot can interfere with their natural body temperature regulation. First of all, shaving at this time can make your dog extra prone to sunburn. Secondly, dogs like Pomeranians, Huskies, and German Shepherds are highly efficient when it comes to trapping air within their undercoat, which keeps them cool during the summer.

Moreover, shaving in the summer can result in damage to hair follicles. This leads to the coat growing back dull, or worse, in patchy places. The best alternative is to brush the dog regularly to remove any excessive undercoat.

Risk 2: DIY Dog Grooming Can Result in Washing Your Dog Improperly

Most homeowners know that their dogs need a regular bath, but where do they go wrong while doing so?

A common mistake many DIY pet care providers do while washing their dogs is washing inside their pets’ ears. So what’s wrong with that? Well, water inside the ears can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and lead to infection.

Another top risk with DIY dog grooming is leaving water inside the pet’s nose. This usually causes discomfort, irritation, reverse sneezing, and coughing. The best way to avoid that is by cleaning your pet’s entire head with a wet cloth.

Risk 3: Poor Rinsing Of Your Dog

Just as it is crucial to get it right when it comes to cleaning your dog, it’s essential to rinse your pet correctly. Why?

Because poor rinsing can cause severe hair loss, skin irritation, and matted fur. Dry shampoo will usually crust and mat or tangle your dog’s hair. Also, shampoo residue can leave the hair of your pet dull.

So how can you avoid this? The best way is to make sure that you use a decent level of water pressure while rinsing. Ensure that the water penetrates the layers of your pet’s undercoat.

Risk 4: Brushing a Wet Coat

When’s the right time to brush your dog’s hair? Many DIY dog groomers think they can do it after a bath. Unfortunately, brushing your dog’s hair after a bath can result in tighter knots and mats brought about by the water.

Most brushes grab at the pet’s wet hair and pull at their skin, causing discomfort and sometimes pain. It’s best to brush your dog’s fur before giving them a bath. If you have to brush their hair after a bath, ensure you dry the pet’s hair thoroughly and brush their hair gently and evenly.

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Risk 5: Bathing Your Dog Daily

Who doesn’t want to keep their beloved puppies as clean as possible? Unfortunately, giving your pet daily baths is the wrong way to go about it.

Bathing your dog every day will strip their coat of its natural oils, making the skin dry. So how often should you bathe your pet? Pro dog groomers recommend that once a month is sufficient, barring any skin issues.

DIY Dog Grooming

Choose a Professional Over DIY Dog Grooming:

Now that you’ve seen the risks associated with grooming your dog yourself, it’s time to talk about the better alternative: professional pet grooming services. What are some of the benefits you get from taking your dog to a pro dog groomer?

Benefit 1: They Have the Necessary Experience

Perhaps the biggest reason to take your dog to a pro dog groomer is that they have experience providing high-quality dog care.

You can be sure that a professional will always be able to groom your dog with a lot more skill than you can do it at home. That’s why when it comes to professional dog grooming services, you never need to worry about any of the risks mentioned in the first section of this article.

Benefit 2: Pros Provide a Variety of Services

What are the particular needs of your dog? Most professional groomers are always able to tailor their services to suit those needs.

For instance, does your dog have a matted coat that needs proper shaving? Or would you like your dog to receive de-shedding treatment? A pro groomer will always do such treatments with expertise and the necessary care.

Pro groomers can also conduct medical checks on your pet, such as expressing their anal glands, checking ears for infection and treating them, and so on.

Benefit 3: Professionals Have the Necessary Tools for the Job

Grooming your dog at home requires you have the right equipment for the job. That means shopping around for all the tools, which can be a hustle for dog owners who don’t have the time.

Professional dog groomers, on the other hand, will always have all the right tools to take care of your pet’s grooming needs.

Benefit 4: Pros Insist On Your Dog Getting Vaccinated

When was your dog last vaccinated for kennel cough, rabies, and other infections? If you intend to take your dog to a professional groomer, you can almost be sure that you’ll need to provide proof of current vaccinations. That, of course, is good for your pet.

What if your dog isn’t vaccinated? Many groomers will not accept you as a client.

Benefit 5: Pros Can Take Care of Your Dog’s Extraordinary Requirements

Does your dog have any special needs? Most groomers will request you to alert them of such things so they can offer better care to the pet. Let your groomer know if your dog has arthritis, for instance, or is hyperactive.

Providing as many details regarding your pet helps your professional groomer prepare better, so they know what to do should anything go wrong.

Final Thoughts: Avoid DIY Dog Grooming

DIY dog grooming may sound like something you want to do often, but are the risks worth it? Even with the best-laid plans, an inexperienced groomer who decides to give dog grooming a try can cause a lot of damage. It’s always best to opt for professional dog grooming services.

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