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Decorating Your Grooming Salon For The Holiday Season

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Christmas is coming around quickly and your stations will be fully booked, but is your grooming salon in the holiday spirit?

Decorating for Christmas is the perfect way to attract new customers, create a better client experience and keep stressed-out employees in the holiday spirit.

Set yourself up for a great customer experience by creating an inviting storefront during these peak holiday months with these top grooming salon decorating tips:

Deck the Windows

Attract the attention of passers-by; transform your windows with eye-catching Christmas displays such as a small tree with colored ornaments that align with your brand’s colors. Don’t underestimate the power of what people see from the street. You’ll be surprised at how many clients you can engage with a festive display that creates a fun and welcoming environment.

Sparkling Stations

With clients pets spending the majority of their time at the grooming station, this is a great place to add some decoration! Drape garland around the legs at each station or add some sparkling lights for an extra touch of magic. Remember, don’t go ‘over festive’ with your station decorations – their needs to be room for pet grooming around your decor!

Spruce Up Your Merch

Don’t forget about your retail products – spruce up your displayed merchandise with colored or burlap bows to create a gift-inspiring holiday feel for your product displays. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your products and upsell with special holiday gift wrapping for the perfect Christmas surprise.

Light It Up

Lights are a classic Christmas decoration, and that’s no surprise seeing as it is scientifically proven to make you happier! Spread the Christmas joy by adding twinkling lights throughout your grooming salon.

Try wrapping them around the front desk, windows, stations or even outside to add a holiday glow and make certain areas brighter. Extra lighting is especially great in your grooming salon, especially for that freshly scrubbed dog photo!

Creative Christmas Tree

The classic Christmas tree is a must-have to complete the festive look! You don’t have to be boring, though – get creative by decorating your tree with handmade pet ornaments or decorate it with accessories from around your grooming salon.

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You could also make this into a fun bonding activity or competition for employees to decorate and make ornaments for the tree, boosting employee morale and team collaboration. Remember- you may want to consider making your tree as pet-friendly as possible, just in case a roaming dog gets free!

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Consistency is Key

When decorating, wild isn’t always wonderful. Too many decorations will make your grooming salon look cluttered and disorganized. Try to keep your decorations consistent to your branding by choosing a theme that suits your brand. Stick to one-holiday decor style for a classy look and feel. For trendy groomers, try a rustic Christmas style. Looking to show off your fun, lively brand? Try a colorful theme!

Remember, decorating your grooming salon doesn’t have to be a boring yearly task. Make it fun and get creative! Get all employees involved with the decorating to help them bond and accomplish something as a team.

If you don’t have a lot of space or a large budget for decorating, even some lights and tinsel or a small tree in the window sill will add that little extra Christmas magic to your grooming salon. Before you know it, pets will be flooding through your doors!

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