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Customize Loyalty Programs to Reward & Retain Clients

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Develop a Small Business Loyalty Program to Boost Client Retention

Your competitors are showering window shoppers, social media followers, and even (perhaps, especially) the city dog catcher with an innovative array of enticing special offers. Everyone is looking for the right groomer, so how do you make sure it’s you, get new regulars and grow your business while creating ongoing loyalty?

Tips from industry experts will help your patrons stay happy while scheduling recurring appointments and developing steadfast relationships that benefit both parties.

Identifying Satisfied and Regular Patrons

Contented visitors:

Continuous loyal clients:

Converting satisfied clients into loyal ones will gain their exclusive business while their free publicity will encourage family and friends to expand your customer base quickly. That involves gratifying treatment through exceptional guest service; gracious phone, text, e-mail, and in-person communications; plus persuasive incentives to frequent your shop each time Fido needs to freshen up!

Establishing Preferred Customer Status

Habitual clientele who bring in referrals deserves rewards to keep returning and building your business. Starting or upgrading your small business loyalty program involves determining what makes your parlor unique. Then, decide how you can forge lasting bonds that will dazzle your regulars enough to spread the news to their social circles.

To select plan types that fit your shop, answer these questions:

An organized system is necessary to document and sustain your reward programs. Start defining your own small business loyalty program points setup under Messaging & Marketing > Loyalty Rewards Points Setup in Daysmart Pet. The handy application tracks each client’s status. It informs you when every person is eligible to receive a bonus, so redeeming it during checkout is easy. Start your free pet grooming software trial today to get these and numerous other timesaving customer management features.


Exploring Successful Plan Types

Welcome prizes are great ways to give back, show regulars how much your shop values them, and foster continuous patronage. Consider basing points and awards on these criteria:

Referrals and reviews: For new client referrals and positive online reviews, assign points toward discounts on services or products to existing patrons. Reward everyone who brings in five prospects a free full treatment, nail clipping, or merchandise package.

Frequent services: Apply thank-you points to customers’ accounts for pre-booking return appointments for any single treatment. Options might include baths, teeth brushing, and nail trims. After five, the sixth is free.

Select upscale purchases: Reward customers for repeat business involving any high-end menu and retail items you’d like to push. Gaining greater points will inspire patrons to indulge in costly buys more often to earn free full grooms and product packages.

Promoting Your Incentives

Provide fast, instant details via Internet marketing, social media postings, and e-mail blasts. Customers can review small business loyalty program features quickly to start earning points immediately. Feature in-shop signage for each prize method. Rewarding checkout moments can be prime influential opportunities as uninformed patrons watch regulars rejoicing over money-saving bonuses. Such observations encourage feelings of desire, so be ready to invite outsiders to join your special group that shares a devoted sense of community.

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