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7 Top Tips To Keep Your Canine Cool This Summer

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Keep Your Canine Cool This Summer!

It’s ‘officially’ summer on June 21st and with the temperatures rising this can cause a lot of discomfort for all of us, including our canine friends.

Don’t get fooled by their running and excitement! Here are 7 top tips on keeping your dog cool and contented this summer season.

1. Thirsty Canine

When we go for a walk on a hot day, you can agree with me that most of us will remember to pack bottled water before we even tie our shoes.

How many of us remember to carry some for our dogs? Not many, right? Well it is important to carry water for our canine friends as it is to carry ours.

On a hot day walk, you dog frequently gets thirsty. Consequently, stumbling across a pothole of stagnant water, serves as a recipe for invitation to take a lick.

What we do not know, however, is how long the stagnant water has been laying around. In addition, the longer the water has been on the pothole, the higher chances are that it is infested with microbial organisms that can cause infection upon consumption.

We, therefore, should always remember to carry water for our canine friends next time we take them out for a walk.

2. Screen Me Up

Sunburn is not just a condition experienced by humans. The intense sun rays also penetrate on the surface of the skin of our pets, and can cause sun burns.

Consequently, it is advisable to apply some sunscreen on the surface of your canine to prevent them from experiencing effects of sunburn.

If you’re having trouble finding a canine-specific sunscreen, look for one that’s safe for human babies or sensitive skin.


3. I’m Coming With You!

Do not leave you dog in the car on a hot day please. When packed under the sun, temperatures inside your car increase drastically.

Should it happen that you have left your dog inside the car, the escalating temperature takes a toll on them, and they begin to develop signs and symptoms attributed to heat stroke.

In case one is not around to remedy the condition, this high temperature is serious and could lead to death of your canine friend.


4. Exercise Time

As much as we would like to keep our dogs in shape, it is important to limit the amount of exercise we expose them to, especially during hot seasons.

Exercises have a tendency to increase our body temperature, a situation which is worsen by high environmental temperature conditions.

If not checked, the rapid increase in temperature can endanger dogs.


5. Shade For me

To prevent your dog from being exposed to high environmental temperature conditions, it is important to constantly be on the lookout as to whether your dog is under shade or not.

In addition, ensure you always have your dog walking in the shade whenever you are walking on the streets.


6. Yum, Frozen Treats

Chilled treats such as ice provide for a micro cool environment that temporarily lowers the body temperature of your dog.

Temperature gradient is established between the body parts in contact with the cold treat, contributing to a drop in body temperature.


7. That Breeze Feels Good

Just like in humans, fans have a cooling effect on the surface of the body of your dog.

When cold air is blown across the body surface, it carries along with it heat energy, consequently lowering body temperature.

This can be the perfect go to if your furry friend is getting to hot.


What To Look Out For

Here are some keys signs to look out for if your dog looks like he’s getting too hot:

Heat stroke, just like in humans, can be catastrophic and even lead to death of your favorite canine.

Upon noticing signs and symptoms of a possible heat stroke, one should try to provide external means to cool your dog. For instance, a wet cloth can be rubbed on the belly or under arm, or even under the groin.

At times fanning can work too. However, if the condition is not lessening or appears to get worse, kindly contact a licensed veterinary officer.

It is, therefore prudent to put in motion practices that will not only keep your dog cool during summer, but also maintaining your preferred health standards.

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