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Looking for a Breath Mint for Dogs? 7 Ways to Reduce Fido’s Foul Odors

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breath mint for dogs

Looking for a Breath Mint for Dogs? 7 Ways to Reduce Fido’s Foul Odors

Every dog seems to have incredibly stinky breath. What causes bad breath in dogs and how can you get rid of it?

Stinky dog breath often indicates an underlying issue like gum disease. It’s no secret that dogs don’t brush their teeth twice a day–which means they may need some extra help in the dental hygiene department.

We’re always looking for ways that pet groomers can improve their business models. Offering a breath mint for dogs is a simple way that you can add that cherry on top to a thorough grooming service!

Read on for seven ways that you can reduce bad breath in dogs, including our recipe for homemade breath mints that your clients will love.

1. Getting Dogs Comfortable with Tooth Brushing

Brushing is a great way to beat gum disease, but most dogs won’t let you start brushing their teeth without a fight. Naturally, dogs are going to want to chomp down on anything you stick in their mouths.

To get them used to tooth brushing, you’ll need to work your way up. Start by wrapping a piece of clean gauze around your finger and gently wiping their teeth and gums. Let your clients in on this practice so that they can work on it at home, too.

Remember, don’t use human toothpaste for dogs. Toothpaste often contains xylitol, an ingredient that has serious health repercussions for our furry friends.

breath mint for dogs

2. Adding a Little Garnish

Parsley is the ultimate herb for a clean bill of health. It contains vitamins and nutrients that may improve kidney health and vision while also boosting the immune system.

In addition, parsley kills those stinky breath germs that are wreaking havoc in every dog’s mouth. You can add one teaspoon of curly leaf parsley to a dog’s food or water once a day.

3. Mixing Up a Teeth-Cleaning Salad

Sometimes, bad breath is caused by plaque buildup on a dog’s teeth. As a groomer, deciding whether or not you can try the gauze brushing method is important for your own safety. If you don’t think a dog will react well to having your fingers in their mouth, there’s another way that you can tackle that plaque.

Cut up a bowl of carrots and apples and let the dog chow down. Both of these fresh foods make a healthy snack for dogs and they can actually scrape away at plaque while the dog chews!

breath mint for dogs

4. Drinking ACV

Apple cider vinegar may have a funky smell, but it does work as an odor neutralizer. Humans use ACV for all sorts of health reasons and now, dogs can too.

Mix a teaspoon of raw organic ACV into a large bowl of water and allow the dog to drink it. Let your clients know that their dogs can have an ACV mix three times a week for long-term breath control.

5. Adding Healthy Bacteria to Dog Food

Probiotics are the bacteria we consider “good.” For humans and dogs alike, introducing probiotics into our diets is a great way to promote good gut health. Good gut health has a positive impact on our immune systems, our mental health, and, you guessed it, our breath.

There are a few ways to add probiotics to a dog’s diet. Specially formulated dog foods contain probiotics, but this is often the more expensive route. Plus, some dogs don’t take kindly to having their food switched up out of nowhere.

Instead, look into probiotic packets that owners can add to the food they already serve their pups. Whether you recommend a brand or sell it yourself, your clients will appreciate your guidance and expertise.

breath mint for dogs

6. Going Tropical with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil provides some of that good bacteria you can find in a probiotic formula. Plus, coconut oil may help fight off viruses, improve brain functions, and aid with digestion. Coconut oil can be a great addition to a dog’s diet, especially for older dogs who are more prone to health problems but need gentle and natural solutions.

Another benefit of giving a dog coconut oil? Coconut oil can help to neutralize bad breath germs!

The best way to introduce coconut oil into a dog’s diet or oral health routine is to do so gradually. Start with a very small amount, either in their food or on the gauze pad you use for brushing. Stick with this small amount for at least two weeks to make sure that the oil isn’t causing any stomach upset before upping the dosage.

7. Making (and Selling) a Breath Mint for Dogs

Introducing bad breath-busting techniques to your grooming business is a fantastic idea. Offering a product that clients can take home to keep fighting Fido’s smelly breath is an even better one!

To make your very own breath mint for dogs, you will need organic oats, eggs, water, fresh mint, fresh parsley, and coconut oil. Blend all of your ingredients until the mixture is malleable but solid enough to hold itself together. Then, roll it out and use cute cookie cutters to give your breath mints a fun shape.

Place your cut out treats onto a baking sheet and bake them at 325 degrees for 35 minutes. Once they are cool, package them using cellophane or plastic wrap to maintain freshness. Consider giving out a free sample that your client’s dogs can try before making your sales pitch!

breath mint for dogs

Beat That Fishy Dog Breath and Make Your Clients Smile

Starting a booming dog grooming business is all about building up great business practices that your clients love and trust. Tackling stinky dog breath is something that is guaranteed to astound and please your clients! Creating your very own breath mint for dogs is the perfect way to add a unique, personal touch to your business model.

Looking for more ways to boost your grooming business? Take a look at our pet grooming software and find out how we can modernize and streamline your business so that you can focus on what matters most–your clients!

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