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Customer Loyalty 2020 Report

How many times can a mistake happen before losing consumers business? Provided the wrong serve; Provided the right service but they didn't like it; Overcharged them for a service

Customer Loyalty is the Lifeblood of Small Business.

Through thick and thin, small business relies on repeat customers for economic sustainability and forecasting. Understanding the “what, why and how” of these personal relationships is essential to keeping every small business growing – especially now. Naturally, every hair and nail salon, pet services business, spa and tattoo shop wants to be their client’s “go-to place”.

As small businesses seek to reopen, it is critical to reengage important clients quickly and effectively. At the same, it’s hard for business owners to know how to excel at this, or which efforts consumers prioritize.

Graph showing Consumers who would never go back after this mistake happened 1-4 times. Provide the wrong service 64%; Provide the right service but they didn't like it 63%; Overcharged for a service 62%; Forgot to remind them about their appointment 56%; Employee forgot their name 48%; Employee forgot their service/product preferences 56%.

In February 2020, DaySmart Software conducted a survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers who have visited hair and nail salons, pet services businesses (pet groomers, spas, kennels, daycares), spas and tattoo shops in the last year to better understand what consumers define as an ideal service experience and how they view their relationships with service providers.

Graph titled "After receiving bad service, consumers are likely to...". Graph statistics available in report download Graph showing "Deal breakers for consumers". Statistics are available in report download

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Loyalty Report 2020