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Payments Made Simple

Don’t waste your time working across multiple systems, paying higher fees, and waiting for your funds to be delivered.

With DaySmart you’ll have everything you need to streamline payments on any device, in-store, or online.

Streamline The Way Your Business Accepts Payments

Say goodbye to high fees, clunky devices, and working in multiple systems to reconcile your payments each day.

Automatically Reconcile

Accept and manage your payments directly within DaySmart Body Art to automate the reconciliation process.

Quickly Receive Funds

Never wait on your funds again. Take payments one day, receive your money the next. What’s better than that?

Improve Client Checkout

Streamline the checkout process to provide your clients with a seamless experience and build loyalty.

Simplify the Front Desk Experience

Streamline Daily Operations

Automate your payment reconciliation process, store credit card information on file, and simplify the checkout experience.

Sell Branded Gift Cards Online

Looking for additional ways to increase revenue? Integrated payments allow you to sell branded gift cards through your online booking website.

Collect Service Deposits

With a seamless online booking solution that notifies clients to pay a deposit upfront, business owners can continue to maintain profitability.

Modernize Your Payments

By signing up for integrated payments, you can leverage our sleek terminals and accept payments with your phone!

Get started with DaySmart Payments!

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