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Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Services More Than 780,000 Citizens in Their First Year Using DaySmart Appointments

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Helping Louisiana OMV Improve Operational Efficiency for a Better Community Experience.


The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) was looking to provide the highest quality service in a timely and efficient manner while protecting customers and ensuring public safety. COVID-19, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, and office closures were all factors that convinced the Louisiana OMV to look for a scheduling solution that empowered employees to deliver a better quality of customer service safely and effectively.


When Louisiana OMV began looking for an online booking solution, they knew they needed something easy for staff and citizens to use and customizable to fit the variety of services they offer across multiple locations. After vetting a few solutions, they chose DaySmart Appointments because of its robust capabilities. The experience for the customer side improved visibility into appointments available by allowing them to book online based on the field office, date, time, and type of service they need. The new system also provides citizens text reminders to minimize no-shows, which benefited not only the customer but also the field offices because they were able to refill appointment slots for cancellations that came through.

The new appointment process also factors in appointment logistics, like staff availability and how much time each appointment type needs to avoid overlap and unused time if an appointment concludes early.

With schedules clearly outlined, the Louisiana OMV staff were able to maximize appointment operations across offices while minimizing customer wait time, serving 780,000 citizens in their first year of using the DaySmart Appointments software.


The public response to Louisiana OMV’s new scheduling system has been overwhelmingly positive, with citizens even taking to social media to compliment the transformed booking process.

Louisiana OMV continues to leverage the value of DaySmart Appointments to maximize business hours to serve more of their community in a timely manner.

See what more Louisiana citizens are saying about their experience!

“You should make the appointment system permanent! We had a way better experience than the pre-Covid system! Congrats on that!” – Estefy Morales via Twitter

“A little inside scoop… went to the OMV on Veterans to get a REAL ID yesterday & y’all their operations during the pandemic have drastically improved!” – Sheba Turk via Twitter

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