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Tax Season is Coming, It’s Time You Enable a Digital Scheduling Assistant to Book Your Clients

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Every time tax season comes around you might find yourself in the same scenario. An influx of clients come in ready to hand you their money and government paperwork. These people need appointments, so you schedule each one─ manually.

This probably becomes pretty time-consuming considering the fact that there are so many other tasks to complete. But there’s no need to fall into that same cycle this season. That’s because this year you can finally go digital.

Do you wish there was more time to focus on taxes? Keep reading to learn how a scheduling assistant can help save you time and energy.

What Is a Digital Scheduling Assistant?

Imagine talking to someone about meeting up soon and asking them their availability. At first, it might be a back and forth conversation to figure out how both of your schedules can meet in the middle. Ultimately you find a time and both write it down or add it to your calendar.

With a digital scheduling assistant, this exchange is cut short to save time on both of your ends. Getting your business up to speed with new technology will actually create more appeal. Customers are becoming more used to company features that make their experience more seamless.

Studies have shown that 40% of consumers prefer self-service versus human contact. Gone are the days of becoming frustrated with trying to manually keep up with client bookings. Clients are able to view availability for tax season and choose a date and time that work best for them.

Booking appointments becomes an automated process. This allows you to have control over availability while allowing the client freedom to book as they please.

How Can a Scheduling Assistant Help Your Business?

Do you feel like you spend too much time scheduling and keeping track of appointments? Would you prefer your team to be handling tasks other than constantly managing scheduling tasks over the phone?

Engaging in this type of tedious taskwork every day can take away a lot of time for actually working with your clients. It can also have a negative effect on your bottom line.

Leveraging the power of a digital scheduling assistant this 2021 tax season can eliminate these problems. You have the opportunity to free up time and focus more on your clients. Meanwhile, your team can handle delegated tasks with higher priority.

The Benefits of Using a Scheduling Assistant

There are plenty of benefits of adding a scheduling assistant to your toolbox this 2021 tax season. A lot of the features and functions are optimized to help you increase productivity and improve customer experience.

This is a simple way to level up your business. You can spend less time on the phone and more time on your clients. Keep reading for benefits that come with using a digital scheduling assistant like DaySmart Appointments.

Update Clients With Email Notifications

One of the worst parts about having an appointment scheduled is being stood up. Oftentimes people schedule appointments and make the honest mistake of forgetting them for multiple reasons. A great way to address this is to keep your clients on top of their bookings with email notifications.

Software like Daysmart Appointments allows you to send reminders to clients about scheduling details. You can let them know when the appointment is approaching as well as if changes have been made. Send an email right away to let them know that their appointment has been confirmed.

The tool also lets you know when someone else makes a change or makes a purchase. This helps you to stay updated on what your calendar looks like daily.

Send Text Reminders to Reduce No-Shows

Another way to avoid the plague of constant no-shows is to send text messages directly to your client’s phone. Most people who use cell phones check them regularly throughout the day. In fact, studies have shown that Americans check their phones an average of 96 times per day (once every 10 minutes).

The healthcare industry has reported that cancellations cost approximately 150 billion dollars per year. So, you could imagine how it could negatively affect a business even on a smaller scale. Put preventative measures up to decrease the time and revenue that you lose with no-shows.

This is a great chance for you to show up in their inbox to remind them of your important date. Text reminders are also an extra cushion to add to email notifications. Just in case your client doesn’t see the email, they have another option to check your text message.

Share Calendar Seamlessly

Now that your clients have the freedom to book at their own will, it’s important to make the calendar accessible. A scheduling assistant software allows you to share the link to your appointment book in various places. This includes your website and even your Facebook page.

Being able to easily share your calendar in multiple places can increase your bookings. A seamless integration may also increase your social share which is customers sharing your booking info with others. Boost your business by always having a convenient link on hand for them to schedule directly without extra hassle or time wasted.

Learn From Analytics

Want some deeper insights on how well things are going? A scheduling assistant gives you access to analytic reporting that can let you know about appointment volume. This is also a way to track your lead generation efforts and revenue foresight.

Keeping up with your analytics can also let you know a few important things about client behavior. For instance, you can take a look at the times that are booked most frequently or often a particular service is booked. Data like this can ultimately help improve decision-making for your business.

Increase Revenue With Upsells

Upselling is a sales strategy that can significantly increase your business revenue. The idea is to encourage the customer to buy a more expensive version of the product. On average, upselling can increase a company’s revenue by 10-30%.

That brings us to another amazing benefit of having a scheduling assistant. It can earn you more money in multiple ways. Seamlessly integrating an upselling feature is one of those ways.

Different clients will more than likely prefer different services. They may also need multiple ones. You can create appointment blocks to reflect specific services. Then, use software that allows customers to buy everything that they need at one time.

AppointmentPlus allows for multiple resources per appointment. This means that you can give your administrators options to schedule more than one service per appointment.

Eliminate Double Bookings

One thing that’s worse than having a no-show is the mistake of double booking. When this happens, the fault falls back on you and can ultimately be a bad look for your business. Investing in a scheduling assistant this 2021 tax season helps to secure the quality of customer experience by eliminating this occurrence.

When someone books on your calendar, that time slot is logged into your database as unavailable. This ensures that no one else is allowed to choose it. A scheduling assistant also saves you time on having to manually go back to fix and sort out double-booking errors.

Around the Clock Booking

Clients will love the flexibility that has with being able to set their own tax preparation appointments at any time. A scheduling assistant allows someone to book with your business at any hour of the day─ even when you’re out of the office.

There’s no need for them to call or possibly have to wait longer to schedule if they catch you after office hours. They’ll also be able to buy other services or products, such as gift certificates, without you being present. This type of convenience gives you the opportunity to increase likeability amongst your customers.

Save Money on Overhead Costs

Businesses need positive cash flow to survive. If you’re constantly spending on inefficient systems and operations, you’ll leak money and put yourself in the red. Companies come out on top when they put effort into properly auditing and saving on overhead costs.

The more tasks you need to delegate in business, the more expensive things become. When you have to hire more help just to book appointments or manage your schedule, this takes away from overall cash flow. Luckily, this has become an expense that is easy to address.

Employing a digital scheduler can help reduce overheads if you’re spending a lot on hiring for scheduling assistance. The software takes over the bulk of the tedious work that you would need a human to do. This also frees up time for team members to focus on other operations that affect your bottom line.

Improve Productivity

Recent studies have figured out that engaging in repetitive tasks can cost businesses to lose out on up to 19 working days per year. 90% of employees feel burnt out by repeating boring tasks. This becomes a huge problem of productivity for business owners.

One of the most repetitive tasks for businesses that rely on booking clients is managing scheduling duties. Teams might spend a lot of time trying to call clients to confirm appointments, reschedule appointments, or even fix errors with double or overbooking. This takes away from the time they could be spending doing more significant work.

Digital scheduling assistants handle all of these repetitive tasks that a business owner or employee would usually have to do. Once you’ve set up your calendar preferences, you can allow the software to do everything for you. The time you’ll gain back can be used to increase productive tasks in other areas of the business.

When Is It Time to Get a Digital Scheduling Assistant?

You might be thinking that you can just use the same manual systems this tax season. However, with the potential of missed appointments, loss of revenue, and overall frustration, it may be time to address this as soon as possible. No need to go another year without efficient operations on your side.

If you’ve been struggling with anything mentioned above, this is a good opportunity to give a digital scheduling assistant a try. You’ll be impressed with how much more time, energy, and money your company could have with this slight change.

Of course, it’s often difficult for many businesses to engage in digital transformations that seem like a huge leap or transition. But using a digital scheduling assistant for the upcoming tax preparation time will be well worth the change.

Enable a Digital Scheduling Assistant This Tax Season

Financial institutions and tax preparation businesses depend on appointment systems during the tax season to serve their clients. Unfortunately, many of these practices are still manually executed. This can cause a lot of loss for businesses in time, money, and energy.

One of the most simple ways to avoid these frustrations is to leverage a digital scheduling assistant. A digital scheduling assistant can take the place of teams constantly having to be on the phone in order to keep calendars intact. It gives business owners and employees back their time to do other tasks.

Digital scheduling assistants also allow clients the freedom to schedule whenever they need to. Customers also have control over changing, canceling, and updating their appointments. This helps to reduce the costs of no-shows and double-bookings.

If you’re ready to start saving more time and improving operations to increase revenue in your business then we have your solution. DaySmart Appointments gives your business the power of a reliable digital scheduling assistant that helps you take back control over your calendar and time. Contact us today to schedule a demo for your business.

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