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Business is Booming, But You Can Still Take Your Vacation Now

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Professional service businesses – including daycares, salons, personal trainers, photographers, home services and more – keep the world running smoothly on a daily basis. These businesses are integral to community success, and their employees work hard to support customer needs. With many appointment-based personal service businesses experiencing an unprecedented wave of customers (such as pet groomers and veterinarians) employees and owners may be feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed.

As the summer comes to an end, it’s important that professional service employees get their chance at rest and relaxation. This may seem trivial while business is booming, but in fact, promoting positive mental health practices in the workplace has many benefits, from increased productivity to lower employee turnover. So how can business owners take care of themselves, employees and their customers? Business management software such as DaySmart Appointments service business scheduling software can ease owners’ minds and support employees so that everyone can enjoy the down time they deserve.

Be Open 24/7

With service business scheduling software, businesses can be open 24/7. This may sound like the opposite of taking a vacation, but don’t worry, it doesn’t require staying late or being on call. DaySmart Appointments software allows customers to book appointments online any time they want, so even if you’re on vacation, your business can still be accommodating customers. Since customers can self-serve, they can choose the time that works best for their schedules. Once they book, the business is notified to accept the appointment, and customers are kept informed throughout the process. As the appointment approaches, DaySmart Appointments sends automated reminders through text or email, reducing dreaded no-shows.

Businesses that use DaySmart Appointments can access the software anywhere, anytime. This means that taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean losing visibility into operations—owners can check in on upcoming schedules while they’re away to ensure everything is running smoothly. Without this accessibility, service business owners and managers may feel uncomfortable leaving their businesses for vacation, but the up-to-date insights readily available on their mobile devices will help them feel more confident and secure.

Online appointment scheduling is all about convenience for customers and employees. Customers love the fact that they can see all available appointments and book the one that most fits their needs, without having to wait for normal business hours to schedule over the phone. Owners love the fact that they can take a break and not have to sacrifice their business running efficiently in their absence. When they return, there’s no catch-up period or decrease in business due to downtime.

Decrease Workloads, Increase Employee Capacity

These features enable service businesses to run seamlessly with a fraction of the time, effort and resources. This way, owners and employees can take much-deserved vacations. It may seem impossible to take time off, especially when business is booming, but DaySmart Appointments scheduling software decreases workloads so that employees have increased capacity.

With appointment scheduling streamlined and customers empowered to self-book, employees won’t be tied to the phone or rearranging calendars. Scheduling software takes this time-consuming task off employee plates, so they have more time to provide great customer service and complete other functions. With operational efficiency increased, employees are freed up to handle more tasks creating opportunities for owners to get in some necessary vacation time.

DaySmart Appointments supports staff and saves time and money by allowing employees to accomplish more tasks in a day. With the software on your side, taking that vacation is finally possible—without anything slipping through the cracks in your absence.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Business

Professional service businesses are pillars of their communities—their owners and employees should have the levels of support necessary to take care of themselves and their business. With some tasks streamlined, such as appointment scheduling, professional service providers can make it a point to prioritize their well-being. Taking time for a vacation is not a supplementary practice, but an essential element of maintaining positive mental and physical health.

After a stressful year and a half, especially for businesses, reopening this summer may have been a difficult adjustment. With the sudden increase in business, it’s easy to put your needs on the back burner to take advantage of the opportunity for growth. However, now that the summer is winding down, it is a pivotal moment to reflect on meeting your personal needs. With DaySmart Appointment scheduling software, businesses can operate at higher levels of efficiency, even while owners and employees take a moment to focus on themselves.

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